Cathi Wallis
Travel Consultant

Cathi can’t remember a time she didn’t want to find out what was around the next corner or over the next mountain. In 2001 she asked her wonderful travel agent to show her how to do the magic she did for her. Cathi was hooked!  Since then Cathi has traveled quite a bit. With her husband, they have been around the world a couple of times and are ready to go again!!
It really doesn’t matter where or how, Cathi loves to travel.

Cathi prefers cruising on smaller ships and likes doing land tours that take you to places that are difficult to do on your own. (e.g. Mayan ruins in Guatemala or the mind boggling Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian) She  loves to hit the road and find the unusual and different places that are not that far away.

" The world is like a book and people who don't travel only read one page."

Cathi is trying for every page in the book ...and it's a huge book.
Employed in the Travel Industry Since 2001

  • Sailed on Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Princess & Oceania.
  • Number of countries visited - 72 but will try for the most of the rest in the next few years.